Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce delays with our Value Stream Mapping Workshop!

A Value Stream represents a set of activities an organization executes to deliver a solution to the customer, from initiation through value realization. There are often hidden bottlenecks or delays in the value streams that prevent organizations from achieving business results. 

This workshop is a collaborative session designed to analyze and optimize the end-to-end delivery processes within an organization. It utilizes visual representations to identify bottlenecks, measure performance, and uncover hidden causes of delay. By mapping out the entire end-to-end process, including wait time, processing time, and touch time, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their value streams. 

Value Stream Mapping Workshop is a facilitated, collaborative workshop that helps you measure the health of your current value stream, identify the biggest bottlenecks, and arrive at an actionable plan to optimize your Value Stream.

Through this workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Gain alignment to the current state of your value stream 
  • Measure speed, quality and the efficiency of your value stream 
  • Identify the biggest bottlenecks hindering value delivery 
  • Create an actionable improvement plan 

The Value Stream Mapping Workshop is a powerful session that leverages collaboration and visualizes the relationship between operational and technical components of value delivery. Alignment and transparency are supported through a shared understanding of how value is created and delivered to your end customers. The workshop also influences leadership thinking by helping them see that eliminating the functional silos while removing the bottlenecks and delays will improve the ability to deliver customer value, exceed business objectives and capitalize on market opportunities.

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