Agile Leadership Program

About the program

The Agile Leadership Program is a leadership training journey that supports your organization to nurture and grow your leaders with the agile mindset and process practices. Your leadership team will have a shift in their mindset towards achieving business agility. The program consists of training and coaching sessions that help the leaders to understand how to create high performing self-organizing team. Your leaders will shift from managing to leading, know how to create a safe space to build trust, establish a foundation for transparency, and at the same time improved and encouraged to unleash better results.  

This program is customizable to fit your organization’s needs, the journey lasts 8 to 12 weeks will take your leadership team to a new professional height with a series of small group coaching, classroom training and learning exchange sessions emphasizing both mindset building and practising. Below are a few highlights of the sessions that the learners will go through in the cohort.

Learning Outcomes
  • The Program Intake set the individual agile leadership goals. 
  • The Master Class provides a deep dive on Lean and Agile values, principles, and practices.  
  • The Coaching session sets the learning focus for the upcoming weeks of leadership mindset shift.  
  • The Management 3.0 Foundation certification workshop equips learners with the basic knowledge necessary for agile leadership. 
  • The Learning Exchanges provide a 1 or 2-hour session for the cohort to get learning and experience from another company who has gone through the same journey. 
  • The ICAgile certification workshop in Leading with Agility strengthens your team with Agile Leadership knowledges. 
  • The Program will be closed with each participant completed their initial agile leadership goals, and new actions plans for their next steps in their Agile Leadership journey. 

This program is suitable for organizations that are considering building a team of leaders equipped with an Agile Leadership mindset and skills. These leaders can act as catalysts to drive change within your organization towards a higher level of business agility. 

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