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The writer of the book “Leadership for future of work: 9 ways to build career edge over robots with human creativity”, Dickson, the keynote speaker, senior management coach, and author unleashes his outstanding talent in creative leadership to help unlocking the true revenue potential of his client’s teams.

In the mission to help leaders stimulate profitable growth through creative leadership, the program “Creative Growth” is based on Dickson’s publishing, emphasizing the new era of leadership should rely on creative thinking. Dickson urges the energy wasting in day-to-day fire-fighting and missing the profitable growth targets should transform from staying stagnation to revitalization by fueling the profitable engine creativity, Creative Leadership is what you need.

The profitable growth with creative leadership has 3 phases:

  1. Individual Mindset: Open up your team with creative mindet and identify their challenges to transform
  2. Ideas: Reframe challenges to growth possibilities, identifying revenue growth ideas from new and existing segments
  3. Infrastructure: Craft action plans and execution roadmaps to achieve growth

Dickson’s approach is different. It is not just another staff training. With an outside-in, creative thinking approach, he transforms the team’s mindset from an Asia Pacific perspective using a simple and proven methodology that has been successful in other companies.

If you are considering providing training to your people in a different approach, this program is awe-inspiring. All you need to do is buckle up and witness the influential business results it can bring.

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